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Hotspot Micro-Report (updated February 16 2004)


Reports of politically motivated state-organized violence have
continued to be reported throughout the last 12 months.  In
addition to the consistent reports of violence and torture against the
political opposition, the violence has now spread to include reported “rape
squads,” which have been attacking and raping the white minority around the
Victims have reported uniformed police accompanying these squads, and actively participating in
the attacks on citizens in their own homes.  The
political suppression of the independent media has now been institutionalized
with a ruling by the Supreme Court defining any newspaper or journalist
operating in the country without a government license as a crime. 
Additionally, a ban has been placed on all foreign journalists thereby preventing any
non-government sanctioned news from reaching the international community.  The
situation continues to merit international attention due to political violence,
politicized food aid, and general human rights’ abuses throughout the country.

Types of Abuse and Danger
  • Man-exacerbated hunger gap (International Crisis Group)

  • Torture (Physicians for Human Rights /

  • State-sponsored violence (IRIN News)

  • Suppression of the independent media (Media Institute of South Africa)

  • Expulsion of foreign journalists (BBC News)
Field Contacts Verification
  1. Independent Domestic Media

  2. Embassies

  3. International Human Rights NGOs

  4. International Relief NGOs
Field Contacts Verification

International Contacts:

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

UN Secretary-General’s Office


US Contacts:

State Department

 State emergency task

 Zimbabwe desk officer


White House 

Foreign Ministries:

US embassy

British embassy

Swedish embassy

Danish embassy

Norwegian embassy

Canadian embassy

South African embassy


Washington Post



UN Security Council

UN Development Program


Mail & Guardian, SA



Agence France Presse

Chicago Times

New York Times

Los Angeles Times 


International Crisis Group

Int. Committee for the Red Cross

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Physicians for Human Rights / Denmark

Human Rights Watch


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