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Country Reports

Indonesia: Sulawesi: Further massacres prevented by President Megawati’s swift action. During the December 1st weekend Christians were massacred at the hands of Laskar Jihad warriors in the Poso area of Sulawesi. Widespread displacement resulted as tens of thousands of Christians fled to Tentena where they were surrounded by members of Laskar Jihad. A massacre appeared imminent when President Megawati sent 4000 troops in to protect the Christians of Tentena. The Genocide Prevention Center was the first non-Indonesian organization to release word of the massacres to the press and wire services. It also facilitated word to the US Congress and UN agencies.

: Nuba Mountains: A Man-Induced famine at the hands of the Northern Government was narrowly averted when former US Senator Danforth negotiated a window of delivery for the WFP in conjunction with USAID. Approximately 500 of the 85,000 in grave danger of starvation perished. The 2000 metric tons of relief arrived in time to save the vast majority at risk from starvation. The government of Sudan has been systematically bombing relief flights and civilians as they plant their crops.

: The fall of the Taliban has ended the immediate danger to the Hazara minority. Other ethnic strife remains a strong possibility as the interim government presides over a fragile coalition. Reprisal killings and old ethnic and personal tensions remain a large obstacle to the peace and represent a looming danger for future massacres.

: Nuer, Dinka and the South: Massacres, ethnic cleansing, slavery, internment camps and other massive crimes against humanity appear to be motivated by the Northern government’s attempt to clear the oil concession areas and institute Sharia in the South.

: Moluccas: Laskar Jihad has massacred over 2000 Christians in this island chain over the past year. They are attempting to ethnically cleanse the islands after a group of Christians killed approximately 500 Muslims in Kao last year. Laskar Jihad had recently stopped killing Christians and began to force male and female circumcision for conversion to Islam.

: In January of 2001 469 Manduras were massacred, many beheaded, at the hands of ethnic Dayaks. This is the third series of Massacres in Central Kalimantan since 1996. The root cause appears to be Dayak frustration over Mandurese success since migrating to the island.

Great Lakes
: DRCongo/Rwanda: The possible return of additional Hutu militia back to Rwanda could further destabilize the region. DRCongo Remains unstable and the war related dead figures remain staggeringly high, near the 2,000,000 mark.

North Korea
: Man-induced famine appears to have occurred when the North Korean government exacerbated the already famine conditions by stealing food aid intended for starving communities. The North Korean government appears to be systematically starving portions of its population it deems to be expendable. It appears to then be hoarding that portion of the population’s food. While neutral third party confirmation proves very difficult, almost all aid workers who left the country in protest estimate that the level of theft appears to be around 70% of all relief.

: The GAM independence movement and the government appear to be intractible in their positions. If further fighting ensues it stands to reason that massacres and the 75% casualty rate comprised of civilians will continue as a characteristic of the conflict.

: Government forced displacement of ethnic Karen, Shen and other minorities continues to occur. This action is largely an ethnic cleansing, however, there are several documented occurrences of small-scale massacres occurring with the cleansing.

: The British brokered agreement between the white land owners and the Mugabe government appears to be faltering. The government has recently begun targeting journalists and the climate in the country remains very volatile. The minority of European descended farmers and opposition leaders appear to be the likely target of the government’s arrests and harassment


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