The human rights violation monitor, supervised by the Director or a board member
will lead a team in ascertaining whether the wire services are carrying word of
the abuse or unfolding calamity.  If the wire is not carrying it then the
primary business of the Center is independent verification of the event using
neutral third party sources. Using largely telephone and email, the Center will
reach out to already established contacts in the area to verify reports of
ongoing events.  If verification cannot be obtained through already
established contacts, a concerted effort will be made to verify the events
through reliable neutral third parties on the ground including but not limited
to embassy staff, international reporters, and qualified NGO’s in the field.
After confirming the report of abuse or danger, the Center will undertake to
consider the reliability and quality of the source and information before
releasing it to the public. While two neutral third party sources is ideal for
verification, depending on the source, a single confirmation of information
from the field may be sufficient if the source is reliable.

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