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Liberia has been steeped in conflict for nearly fourteen years.  For the last three, violence and tension have been escalating.  The fighting between government and rebel troops has left hundreds of civilians dead.  Aid agencies are facing a humanitarian disaster due to violence, looting and the loss of ports and the city of Buchanan to rebels limiting their effectiveness in delivering relief.  The president Charles Taylor is deeply rooted in the hostilities; many regional leaders accuse him of destabilizing the sub-Saharan region.  If he leaves office there is the danger of a power vacuum.  Similarly, his troops may begin to loot the local area and cause harm to the populace.  If the peace process is not handled correctly, rebels may take the government by force.  The presence of West African peacekeepers has initially alleviated fighting.  However, without the presence of US troops and the stabilization of the region, Liberia could continue in its cycle of violence.


Evidence of Abuse and Danger
  • Rape (Human Rights Watch)
  • Forcible recruitment of children under 18 years (UN OCHA)
  • Mutilations (UN Security Council)
  • Extra-judicial executions (BBC News Online)
  • Arbitrary arrest and detention (Human Rights Watch; UN Security Council)
  • Deliberate targeting of civilians (UN IRIN)
Field Contacts Verification
  1. International Press/Media
  2. Embassies
  3. International Human Rights NGOs
  4. International Relief NGOs

International Contacts:

UN High Commission for Refugees
Office for Coordination Human Affairs
UN Secretary-General’s Office
UN Security Council
UN Development Programme
UN High Commission for Human Rights

Foreign Ministries:

US embassy
British embassy
Swedish embassy
Nigerian embassy
Norwegian embassy
European embassy
Russian embassy
South African embassy


Washington Post
Washington Times
Chicago Tribune
LA Times
New York Times
Associated Press
United Press International
The Times, UK
Liberian Post
The New Democrat (Liberian)
The Inquirer (Liberian)


US Contacts:

State Department
State emergency task force
Congress and Senate
Sub-committee and caucus-committee for human rights


International Crisis Group
Int. Committee for Red Cross
ECHO –       European Humanitarian Aid Office
ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch


Latest News Links

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August 2, 2003,

Human Rights Watch
Liberia: Peacekeepers Should Not Be Shielded from Justice
August 1, 2003

International Crisis Group
iberia: ICG urges U.S. to lead a robust multinational force
July 16, 2003

All About Liberia
Taylor agrees to Nigeria exit but Obasanjo foresees war if…
7th July 2003

BBC News
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7th July 2003

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
LIBERIA: Taylor accepts asylum in Nigeria
7th July 2002

Alert Net
Candidates to replace Liberia’s Taylor
3rd July 2003

CNN News
McCann: ‘Many reasons’ to go into Liberia
5th July 2003


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