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Date:               1 January 2003
Location:        Pece Pawel in Gulu Municipality
Victims:          Abducted over 30 people

LRA rebels stormed Pece Pawel where they abducted over 30 people, who claimed to be born again Christians. Thirteen have been released later while others are still in captivity. (Ojwee, Dennis “Kony Takes 30” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               2 January 2003
Location:        Acet Camp
Victims:          5 killed, more abducted

LRA stormed Acet Camp at 2:00 am participating in a New Years Dance before killing 5 and abducting others. (“Kony’s Rebels Kill 5 in New Year Dance” Monitor, Kampala)


Date:               3 January 2003
Location:        Pella (Namokora)
Victims:          20 killed

Helicopter gunship bombed a group of rebels in Pella (Namokora) and killed nineteen – rebels as well as abducted children. Later during the day a ‘mamba’ combat vehicle arrived at the scene. It was ambushed by the LRA and the driver was killed. (P’lajur, John Muto-Ono “Far From Over: LRA Still Eludes the Mighty UPDF” Monitor, Kampala)


Date:               4 January 2003
Location:        Ngoro
Victims:          7 killed

Seven civilians were killed by UPDF in Ngora after a mamba was destroyed in an LRA ambush in the area. (P’lajur, John Muto-Ono “Far From Over: LRA Still Eludes the Mighty UPDF” Monitor, Kampala)


Date:               11 January 2003
Location:        Alwa Parish, Ligi
Victims:          deputy speaker of Pader District Local Council

 The deputy speaker of Pader District Local Council, Phillips Odongo Opio Onyango was killed by the LRA rebels. (Nabwire, Irene “Kony rebels kill Pader speaker” The Monitor, Kampala)


Date:               24 January 2003
Location:         Kitgum district
Victims:          2,000 displaced residents

Over 2,000 displaced residents in Kitgum district have flooded Kitgum Hospital and Kitgum Public School following rebel raids on Kitgum suburbs. The district chairman, Nahman Ojwee said that the LRA rebels were looting household items, food stuffs, and abducting children. (Akena, Stephen and Justin Moro “2,000 Kitgum residents flee to hospital, school” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               29 January 2003
Location:        Kitgum Town
Victims:          4 abducted

LRA attacked Kitgum Town where they abducted 4 people and they looted things worth millions of shillings from shop. (Muto Ono, John “LRA on Food Grabbing Spree” The Monitor, posted February 1, 2003)


Date:               10 February 2003
Location:        Paiula, Pader district
Victims:          6 injured

Uganda Red Cross Society volunteers were injured during LRA attack of URCS supplies. Rebels took personal items and communication equipment from the URCS vehicle. (Allio, Emmy and Chris Ochowun, “Kony Ambushes Red Cross Team” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               10 February 2003
Location:         Laguti, about 70km on the Kitgum-Gulu Road
Victims:           4 killed, 7 injured

LRA rebels ambushed a tipper lorry. Kitgum resident district commissioner, St. Santo Okot-Lapolo, who visited the scene, said the rebels hurled an RPG at the lorry. (In Brief “Kony kills four in ambush” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               12 February 2003
Location:        Pader and Gulu districts
Victims:          10 killed, 8 injured

Three separate ambushes have led to the death and injury of many in Pader and Gulu districts. Six passengers died when ambushed in Pajule. Two others were killed in Gulu. Another six travelers suffered serious injuries during a similar ambush. A truck in Corner Agula, Lalogi sub-county was ambushed and ignited – the driver was killed. Two other travelers suffered injuries. A cyclist was shot and killed in Patiko sub-county on his was back from Pajule. Rebels have staged ambushes in these locations previously. (Bitek, Oketch “LRA Kills 8 Up North” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               17 February 2003
Location:        Kitgum
Victims:          5 civilians, 2 rebels killed

During a raid on Kitgum by the LRA, 5 people (including a teacher and a student) and 2 rebels were killed, other rebels fled before UPDF officers were able to capture them. The rebels had raided quarters in the neighborhood before breaking into shops and looting merchandise. (“Kony Kills Student, Teacher in Kitgum” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               27 February 2003
Location:        Kitgum
Victims:          11 pupils

 About 30 armed LRA rebels abducted 11 secondary school students from Oxford School in Kitgum town. (Ojwee, Dennis “LRA Men Abduct 30 Pupils in Gulu” New Vision, Kampala, posted 28 February 2003)


Date:               28 February 2003
Location:         Koch Ongako sub-county south-west of Gulu
Victims:          over 30 pupils

LRA rebels invaded Abung Primary School southwest of Gulu, and abducted over 30 pupils. Rebels released about 11 students aged below 11, saying that they were too young. (Ojwee, Dennis “LRA Men Abduct 30 Pupils in Gulu” New Vision, Kampala)


Date:               17 March 2003
Location:         near the town of Kitgum in the north 
:           eight killed, including a soldier, 4 injured

LRA rebels ambush a pick-up vehicle on its way from Agoro, near the Sudanese border, to Kitgum. (Ross, Will “Ambush in Northern Uganda” BBC News)


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