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The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)
has terrorized the northern regions of Uganda for the past eighteen
years.  The proclaimed objective of this Christian rebel insurgency is to
overthrow the current government and institute rule according to the precepts
of the Ten Commandments.  In practice, however, it is civilians, not the
Ugandan military or government, that are targeted in LRA attacks.  The
rebels abduct children to utilize as soldiers and sex slaves, loot and burn
villages and refugee camps, and rape, mutilate and murder civilians. 
Their efforts have increased in the past twelve months since the government
launched an aggressive offensive against LRA bases in southern Sudan. 
This offensive has forced LRA activists to resettle within the country, where
violence has begun to spread to eastern and southern regions. 
Additionally, it has been reported that the LRA continues to receive weapons
and support from sympathizers within the Sudanese government.  Such
reports threaten the diplomatic ties between Uganda and Sudan that facilitated
the Ugandan offensive against the LRA.

Members of the Acholi ethnic group
have been the primary perpetrators and victims of LRA attacks due to their
geographical proximity to LRA bases.  Their victimization, therefore,
cannot be attributed to explicit targeting by the rebels. 
Consequentially, the activities of the LRA could not be classified as
“genocidal” until recently.  In April 2003, however, the group commenced
violence specifically against Roman Catholics, and in June, LRA leader Joseph
Kony reportedly called for the destruction of Catholic missions and the
targeting of clergy.  Such activity constitutes the evolution of this
violent rebellion into a genocidal campaign.   


Evidence of Abuse and Danger
  • Targeting of Roman Catholic missions and clergy (New Vision Online)

  • Targeting of civilians (Center for the Prevention of Genocide Country Report)

  • Man-exacerbated famine (Reuters AlertNet)

  • Abduction of children (Human Rights Watch)

  • Forcible recruitment of children under the age of 18 for military purposes

  • Rape (Inter Presse Service News Agency Online)

  • Mutilation (

  • Looting and burning of villages and refugee camps (Church Times Online, HRW)
Field Contacts Verification
  1. International Media

  2. Embassies

  3. International Human Rights NGOs

  4. International Relief Organizations

  5. National Organizations

International Contacts:

United Nations Office of
the Secretary General

United Nations Security Council

United Nations Commission for Human Rights

United Nations Children’s Fund

United Nations Commission for Refugees

United Nations Development Programme

African Union

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

European Union

European Commission Office for Humanitarian Aid

United States


House of Representatives

  • Committee on International Relations

  • Subcommittee on Africa


  • Committee on Foreign Relations

  • Subcommittee on African Affairs

Department of State:

  • Bureau of African Affairs

  • Emergency Task Force

Foreign Ministries:

Embassy of the United

Embassy of Finland

Embassy of

Embassy of Rwanda

Embassy of

Embassy of the Netherlands

Embassy of

Embassy of Belgium

Embassy of DR

Embassy of Denmark

Embassy of the United

Embassy of Canada

Embassy of Norway

Embassy of Sweden

Included are UN ambassadors from these countries


Non-Governmental Organizations / Other:

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty InternationalIntl. Committee of the Red Cross

Ugandan Red Cross Society

Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI)

Catholic Relief Services


Washington Post

Washington Times

New York Times

Chicago Tribune

LA Times




Associated Press

United Press International

The East African Standard

The New Vision (Uganda National newspaper)

The Tablet (International Catholic newspaper)




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