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The Center for the Prevention of Genocide Announces the
Release of the

‘Summary Reports’ Edition of The Genocide Prevention Quarterly

Arlington, VA – The Center for the
Prevention of Genocide, an affiliate organization of Improve the World
International, announces the release of its’ ‘Summary Reports’ edition of
the Genocide Prevention Quarterly.

The ‘Summary Reports’ edition is a
collection of the Center’s two years of country reports.  It features brief,
reference-sized summaries of the world’s remote hotspots.  It is a benefit
to anyone looking for a quick reference guide to remote regions throughout
the world where conflict and genocidal markers are present.  This edition
includes articles from U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights,
Lorne Craner, and the Director of the Center for the Prevention of Genocide,
Richard O’Brien.  Assistant Secretary of State Craner has written,
“Combating Genocide: A key Component of U.S. Foreign Policy,” while Mr.
O’Brien’s “Intervention in the 5th Circle of Hell,” is an
examination of the violence in DR Congo.

The Genocide Prevention Quarterly
seeks to advance the field of genocide
prevention and provide practical solutions to the ongoing problem of
genocide.  Drawing articles from scholars, policy experts and first-hand
witnesses to acts of genocide, the Quarterly serves as a gathering
point where these perspectives can come together and contribute to the
international dialogue.

The Center for the Prevention of Genocide
is recognized as one of the world’s few early warning systems for the
detection and prevention of violent human rights abuses and genocide.  The
Center monitors international hotspots for indicators of genocide and
develops resources, people and organizations, that report and confirm such
massive human rights abuses.  The Center collects real-time information from
the field, then immediately forwards it to the appropriate international and
national authorities, other non-governmental organizations and the media.

To request your copy, please contact
Richard O’Brien at (703) 528-1002.  For more information on the Center for
the Prevention of Genocide, please contact us by phone or visit




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