Volume 1, Issue 1 Summer 2001

I. Editor’s Notes
  On Our First Issue
II. Country Reports
  Colombia: Crimes Against
Humanity and Possible Ideological Cleansing
  Aceh, Indonesia: Serious
Imminent Clash May Parellel East Timor
  Angola: Determination:
Not Genocidal in Nature
  Afghanistan: Possible Ethnic and
Religious Genocide against the Hazara
III. Precursors
and Detection of Genocide
John Heidenrich, Author of "How to Prevent Genocide"
IV. Genocide History
Cleansing": Less Noticed than Ethnic Cleansing, But Just as Dangerous
Richard O’Brien, CEO, The Genocide Prevention Center, Improve the
World International
V. Heroes
  Raoul Wallenberg  
Rep. Tom Lantos
VI. New Technologies
a New Humanitarian Technology: The ENVIREF Project
VII. Witness
  An East
Timor Village Before the Conflagration
George Povey, Health Alliance International
Copyright The Genocide Prevention Center 2001