Genocidal or Pre-Genocidal Indicators
or Abuse

Any perpetration of the following, but not limited to the following acts toward
a religious, ethnic, national or racial group by government, militia, religious
or other organized group will be seriously considered for the concentrated
monitoring of a remote area.

  • Intentional massacre of unarmed

    (Article 2, Section A, 1948 Convention on Genocide)


  • Civilian targeting during military
    campaigns (Art. 2 Sec. C)


  • One-sided physical brutality (Art.2
    Sec. Etc)


  • torture


  • mutilation


  • bringing about conditions in order
    for a group to perish


  • man-induced famine


  • near man-induced famine


  • ethnic cleansing or forcible
    movement of a people


  • ideological cleansing*


  • public call for expendability of a


  • presence of death or target lists


  • ID that specifically identifies
    ethnicity, religion or race


  • destruction of cattle or
    subsistence food supply


  • Unconfirmed but credible reports of
    any of these abuses

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  • man-exacerbated*


  • near man-exacerbated famine


  • murder of children of the minority


  • removal of the children of the


  • denial of water or emergency
    medical attention


  • systematic rape of women


  • media or government vilification of
    a minority


  • internment, peace or concentration
    camps for a minority


  • destruction of religious temple or
    site of historical importance


  • disarmament of a minority only


  • forced labor/overwork


  • human biological testing/medical


  • abduction


  • forced marriage


  • forced labor