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Volume 1, Issue 1 Summer 2001
I. Editor Notes
         One Our First Issue
II. Country Reports
         Colombia: Crimes Against Humanity and Possible Ideological Cleansing
         Aceh, Indonesia: Serious Imminent Clash May Parallel East Timor
         Angola: Determination: Not Genocidal in Nature
         Afghanistan: Possible Ethnic and Religious Genocide against the Hazara
III. Precursors
         Forecasting and Detection of Genocide
         By John Heidenrich, Author of "How to Prevent Genocide"
IV. Genocide History
         "Ideological Cleansing": Less Noticed than Ethnic Cleansing, But Just as Dangerous
         By Richard O’Brien, CEO, The Center for the Prevention of Genocide, Improve the World International
V. Heroes
         Raoul Wallenberg
         By Rep. Tom Lantos
VI. New Technologies
         Towards a New Humanitarian Technology: The ENVIREF Project
VII. Witness
         An East Timor Village Before the Conflagration
         By George Povey, Health Alliance International


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