Volume 1, Issue 1


You hold in your hands the very first issue of the Genocide Prevention Journal. In what we hope will become an established and authoritative publication, we seek to provide a forum for genocide scholars, technical experts, humanitarian workers, and witnesses to acts of genocide to express their unique and important perspectives. By focusing on ongoing situations, cutting-edge technology and the newest in genocide theory, our publication seeks to become a resource to the academic, humanitarian, and conflict resolution communities.

Each issue will feature a set of research reports produced by the Genocide Prevention Center. These reports synthesize accounts of massacres and other human rights abuses and analyze the patterns of violence based on the Center’s standards for genocide. In this issue, you will find analysis of Afghanistan, Angola, Colombia, and Aceh, Indonesia.

You will also find in each issue articles that deal with certain aspects of genocide prevention theory. This month, John Heidenrich, author of How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers, Scholars, and the Concerned Citizen, talks about the historical basis for and need to develop an early warning system. The CEO of the Genocide Prevention Center, Richard O’Brien, discusses a new term in the human rights violation vernacular-ideological cleansing. Appearing with these theory-based articles are reports on emerging humanitarian technologies-in this case, a summary of a recently completed project to apply satellite imagery to management of refugee camps.

In addition, you will find, as an important reminder of the human face of genocide, George Povey’s eyewitness account of tension and destruction in East Timor. His article appears in a section that we hope will provide a forum for people who have survived or witnessed the effects of genocide first hand to give testimony.

We hope that these articles will interest and inform you. Our next issue will appear in December, and will feature an article about the UN’s Deep Field Mailing System; reports on Sudan, The Great Lakes, Borneo, and the Moluccas in Indonesia; and profiles of people who took heroic action in situations of genocide.

Best regards,

Richard O’Brien

Copyright (c) 2001 by The Genocide Prevention Center. All rights reserved.