The Indonesian military (TNI) has begun the largest offensive in several years in an effort to eliminate the resistance movement known as GAM permanently.  However, the GAM are located in and near civilian populations, and in areas where civilians have been massacred in the past that are at a high risk of becoming innocent victims in current the fight over Aceh.

Types of Abuse and Danger

·        State Sponsored Violence (Indonesia Human Rights Campaign)

·        Torture ( Indonesian Human Rights Campaign)

·        Suppression of Independent Media (Joyo Indonesia News)

·        Expulsion of Foreign Journalists (OCHA)

·        Channels for Humanitarian Aid Severely Restricted (Joyo Indonesia News)

Field Contacts/Verification
  1. Independent Domestic Media
  2. Embassies
  3. International Human Rights NGOs
  4. International Relief NGOs


International Contacts:

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
UN Secretary-General’s Office

Foreign Ministries:                                                   

US embassy
British embassy
Swedish embassy
Danish embassy
Norwegian embassy
Canadian embassy
South African embassy

US Contacts:

State Department

   State emergency task force

   Zimbabwe desk officer

White House



LA Times


International Crisis Group
Int. Committee for the Red Cross
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Physicians for Human Rights / Denmark
Human Rights Watch
Indonesian Human Rights Campaign


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