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The primary focus of this center is
to undertake practical measures to prevent genocide.
While the educational programs lay down a long term
framework for building a worldwide body of knowledge
on preventative measures, it is incumbent upon this
center to begin these practical applications as soon
as possible. This center will perform three functions
between compiling evidence of ongoing or potential genocide
through to the intervention in those actions. These

  • Monitoring Research
  • On-the-Ground Asset Development
  • Providing the Evidence

Monitoring and Research: Assisted by
several of the nations top genocide scholars and a team
of students trained in conflict resolution, the Center
uses technical and well defined standards to track the
severity of human rights abuses.

On-the-Ground Asset Development: The
Center uses multimedia outreach into areas where genocide
is most likely to take place in order to secure first-hand
reports of the situation.

Providing the Evidence: If the compiled
evidence shows the presence of acts of genocide as defined
by the UN Genocide Convention, the Center will follow
a plan of action to inform the UN Security Council,
appropriate UN member nations and departments, U.S.
government agencies, and the media.


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Prevention of Genocide