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Preliminary and Full Reports: The Center for the Prevention of Genocide Summer/Fall 2001

Full Aceh: Indonesia: “Serious Imminent Clash
May Parallel East Timor.”
Current Reports
Full Afghanistan: “Possible Genocide Against
Hazaras may be Underway in Remote Areas.”
  Angola: Determination: “Not Genocidal in
  Borneo: Indonesia: “Dayak on Manduras Potential
For Massacre Still Present.”
Full Colombia: “Crimes Against Humanity and
Possible ‘Ideological Cleansing.’ “
Weekly Reports
  Chechnya: “Mass Graves Indicate Possible
Recent Genocidal Activities.”
  Great Lakes: Burundi, Congo, Rwanda: “Cross
Border Militia Movements Further Destabilize Region.”
  Moluccas: Indonesia: “Little Noticed Massacres
Bear More Scrutiny and Reporting.”
Full Sudan: The Nuba Mountains: ” Man-Induced
Famine Could Become Genocidal if Unheeded in 4-6 Months.”

How to order Genocide Reports
Full Reports: US $2.50
Preliminary Reports: US $1.50
Prices include S&H.;
Payment may be made by check or money order payable to the
Genocide Prevention Center.
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