human rights violations

Human Rights Violations that Contribute
to Pre-Genocidal Conditions


  • lack of freedom of speech

  • lack of freedom of press

  • lack of right to gather/assembly

  • lack of constitutional/parliamentary/representative/direct or
    any other type of democracy

  • lack of freedom of religion

  • presence of second class citizens

  • restricted right to habeas corpus

  • disarmament of a minority

  • restricted right of movement

  • press controlled by government

  • laws specific to a minority

  • laws designed to disempower a minority

  • party membership for food allocation

  • higher taxes for a minority

  • lack of funding for assistance miss

  • political movement demonstrations as targets

  • poor attention to conflict due to no strategic interest of
    western countries


  • persecution of political party (state and/or non- state)

  • outlawing of political parties

  • lack of clear mandate (national and/or international)

  • diluted political will (national and/or international)

  • denial of education

  • exclusion of minority from governmental

  • arbitrary detention/political prison

  • reconciliation breakage

  • segregation of minority

  • restricted religious service

  • restricted intermarriage

  • 2nd class citizen status 

  • unilateral abrogation of a treaty

  • restriction of cultural education

  • restriction of higher education use

  • restricted cultural mobility

  • public identification of minority members


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