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The current negotiations to end the Sudanese civil war are
reaching a dead end. On the side of the government, the SPLA demands for rule
over Southern Sudan, edge on dismemberment of the country and is against the
Machakos Protocol of unity of Sudan. Despite the waning of the
negotiations,  Southern Sudan which used to be the main scene of
massacres,  has reportedly remained largely calm since the latest
massacres in Darfur, when the government admitted at least 7,000 displaced
persons.  The government bears the bigger responsibility for the killings
by either directly conducting operations or using militia groups. The SPLA
(Sudanese People’s Liberation Army), the opposition, is responsible for the
smaller part, together with other affiliated militias.

The remote spots of Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains
range, have been under terror latest since 1983. In an attempt to impose Islam
on the Dinka, Nuer and Nuba people, a mixture of Christians, animists and local
religions, the Islamic government has consistently oppressed  non-Arab
ethnic minorities.  Lack of international observance has led in the first
half of 2002 to massive human rights abuses in oil-rich Southern Sudan,
recently  involving man-induced famine in the dry season, raiding of
villages, displacement, denial of humanitarian aid.  General genocidal
behavior involves, slave-taking, mutilation, massive killings and child-soldier
taking. The failure of the current negotiations might have grave consequences
for the human rights situation.


Evidence of Abuse and Danger

Man-induced famine (first-hand sources from the field)

Bombing (Norwegian People’s Aid, US Committee for Refugees)

Blockading of Humanitarian Aid (IRIN, WHO)

Raiding of Villages (UNICEF, International Eminent Persons Group)

Slavery (including servitude, (CARE International)

Field Contacts/Verification


Human Rights Organizations

International Relief Organizations


US Department of State, African Bureau

UN Mission of Sudan



Bureau of Democracy,HR and Labour

UN World Food Program

Embassy of Kenya to the US

Embassy of Ethiopia to the US

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