PressRelease feb2004



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February 20, 2004 1:00 pm


DARFUR, SUDAN – Friday, February 20 – The Center for the Prevention of Genocide
(CPG) reconfirmed its February 13th report stating that Janjaweed Arab militias
had massacred 81 civilians in the village of Shatatya. Contrary to some
external reports that the Sudanese government was directly involved in these
killings, the CPG reiterates that it only confirms the perpetration of
massacres by the Janjaweed Arab militia. The Popular Defense Force, another
Arab militia, perpetrated the abduction of 32 girls in the town of Mukjar last
week. Both militia groups are politically aligned with the Sudanese government,
which has historically neglected to crack down on the militias and recently
denied all external monitoring and humanitarian access to the Darfur region.
The Director of the Center for the Prevention of Genocide, Mr. Richard O’Brien,
was featured on WTOP and affiliated radio stations discussing the Darfur
situation. Speaking on 1010 WIN, he discussed the massacres on civilians
perpetrated by the Janjaweed Arab militia. Citing sources on the ground, Mr.
O’Brien said that although the Sudanese government claims to be in control of
the Darfur region and has denied all outside access to the region, massive
human rights violations continue and often go unreported.