The primary focus of this center is to undertake practical measures to prevent genocide. While the educational programs lay down a long term framework for building a worldwide body of knowledge on preventative measures, it is incumbent upon this center to begin these practical applications as soon as possible.
This center will perform four functions between compiling evidence of ongoing or potential genocide through to the intervention in those actions. These are:
  Monitoring and Research
  On-the-Gound Asset Development
  Satellite Imaging
  Facilitating the Evidence
Monitoring and Research: Has several of the nations top genocide scholars as consultants and trained team of Conflict Resolution MA students, this component uses technical and well defined definitions and standards to track the severity of human rights abuses.
On-the-Gound Asset Development: Is a multi-media outreach into those particular areas where genocide is most likely to take place in order to secure first hand knowledge of the situation and specific coordinates in order to take a satellite imaging photograph.
Satellite Imaging: Once a situation of unfolding genocide is confirmed a satellite image is taken and compared to its in-house reference image by satellite imaging specialists.
Facilitating the Evidence: If the compiled evidence shows the presence of acts of genocide as defined by the UN Genocide Convention the center will follow a plan of action to inform the UN Security Council, several departments of the US government, several UN member nations and the media
Facilitating the Evidence to UN Member Nations & UN
When the Genocide Prevention Center has evidence of an act of genocide these are the organizations, points of contact and procedures for informing the public on the violation. The Genocide Prevention Center has access to these individuals or departments with the exception of the individual press members .
United Nations:
Courier satellite photos and send an imaging analyst to interpret them.
Fax and e-mail reports to the country desk officer in the U.N. Secretariat, to the Undersecretary General for Political Affairs, his Special Assistant, the Framework for Coordination staff and to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
United States
State Department: Courier satellite photos, with offer of analyst. Fax and e-mail reports to the appropriate country desk officer, regional deputy and assistant secretary in the bureaus of human rights, refugees, international organizations, political/military affairs, and the undersecretary for political affairs, the policy planning staff, the U.S. Mission to the U.N., and the Secretary of State.
Courier satellite photos with offer of analyst. Fax and email report to Canadian Ambassador, the Senior Political Officer, with a copy to go directly to the Foreign Ministry in Ottawa.
Courier satellite photos with offer of analyst. Fax and email report to Swedish Ambassador and the Second Secretary of the Political Section.
Courier satellite photos with offer of analyst. Fax and email report to Norwegian Ambassador and the Second Secretary of the Political Section.
Foreign Ministries
Danish, Dutch, Belgian, French, German, and other Embassies in Washington, DC will also be contacted.
Affiliate NGO’s
Courier satellite photos to other members of the International Campaign to End Genocide, who will deliver them to appropriate officials in the Foreign Ministries of their countries. E-mail reports to these officials.
Several media organizations and individual reporters will be given the images and other evidence for publication.

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