emergency crisis procedures 2001 2003



  • Nuba Mountain Range, Sudan, Summer 2001:  Gave
    comprehensive information to USAID regarding man-induced famine: USAID


  • Sulawesi, Indonesia, December 2001: Released info of
    massacres to wire, press, and Congress: Indonesian President sent 4,000 troops.


  • Zimbabwe, Mtebeleland, Spring 2002: Monitored use of
    man-exacerbated famine as an election tool prepared for press campaign. Stood


  • Gujarat, India, Summer 2002: Hindu Nationalists prepare
    for further attacks on Muslim minority: Neutral Sikh police intervene. Stood


  • Southern Sudan, Summer 2002: Issued first genocide
    warning along with many human rights organizations.


  • Ituri Province, DRCongo, August 2002: Released Hema on
    Lendu massacre info to wire, press, UN & US: UN asks for more observers for


  • Ituri Province, DRCongo, September 2002: Lendu on Hema
    reprisal killings at a hospital was vastly under reported info forwarded to UN
    & US.


  • Chechnya, Russia, December 2002: Russian government begins
    liquidation of Chechen camps in Ingushetia. The Center immediately reports
    crisis to influential policy makers.


  • Ituri Province, DRCongo, March 2003: Center following reports of
    massacres and releasing info to UN.


  • South Kivu, DRCongo, April 2003: Released info to press, UN & US of
    RCD Goma rebel attack on civilians. UN sends fact- finding mission.


  • Ituri Province, DRCongo, May 2003: Center following reports of
    instability in area released info to UN & US. UN Security Council weighs

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