A large part of facilitating genocide prevention will be a system of following up precursors and unfolding human rights violations. Contact with neutral observers within and near the areas of devastation is essential to an early warning system. This center will collaborate with relief, missionary, governmental, business and other NGO groups that function in those areas to be able to confirm first hand reports of massive abuse or preparations for such abuse.
List Serve
A list server is currently being developed that will allow people in regions of the world that are inaccessible to the Internet to be able to communicate in their own language to an ongoing dialogue on the area. They would be edited for useful contacts in those areas as sources of further human rights violation reports. An international 800 number will be commissioned to allow for international phone calls reporting first hand accounts of indicators of genocide and massive human rights violations. A top encryption system with coded names and locations will be used to protect the identity of local, relief, missionary, business, NGO, and other confidential sources.
Digital Camera Distribution Program
In areas where massive human rights abuses are occurring or anticipated, inexpensive and small digital cameras will be provided to certain qualified individuals who are in a position to capture some evidence of the offenses. Images can be sent via satellite email to the center and posted within minutes. A strict standard will be put in place to safeguard against forgeries.

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